2013 Robot

2013 was Ultimate Ascent. In this game, robots collect Frisbees & shoot them into goals of varying height. Teams can score bonus points at the end by climbing a pyramid.

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Deep Space 2019 Week 1

The beginning of our week began with many people gone at a band event, so the rest of the team started planning out what things the team would like to implement. On Tuesday the team at a wonderful Jambalaya dinner provided by the Sheboygan Falls culinary class and announced a new website the team would…

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Deep Space Kick-Off 2019

2019 Kick-off allowed for RoboRiot to learn the manual, and brainstorm different strategies and design elements. Everyone arrived at nine o’clock to watch the kick-off going on live in New Hampshire and even enjoyed some motivational speeches from alumni, congressman, and the FIRST Robotics president Steve Sanghi. The students and mentors were provided a lunch…

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