The Mohawk Minute Issue #3

Power Up

This week, things are ramping up even further here at RoboRiot. We’ve been hard at work with prototypes and designs for our robot. This year, we’re hoping to integrate a swerve drive on our robot, and the fabrication team has been prototyping ways to make that happen. Our CAD and Programming teams have been getting back to their roots, working on the digital side of things. 

Programming, specifically, has been hard at work on the robot from 2013. RoboRiot Alumni have helped to revive the robot, allowing the team to take a look at how it functioned. The 2013 season, Ultimate Ascent, provided us with a robot that we can use as a working example of how we can apply the principles we learned from that year into this year’s competition.

As we work on ideas for our drive train, building around the strategy we formed, energy is high at RoboRiot HQ. 

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