The Mohawk Minute Issue #6

Wheels Down in 6

It’s crunch time at RoboRiot. Including tonight, we’ve only got six meetings before Sussex, meaning we only have six more nights to get a competition chassis assembled, wired, and programmed. We’re well on our way, but the work goes on.

We’ve got a complete chassis frame thanks to the CAD and Fabrication teams, and it’s functional and driveable thanks to the Programming team. Programming has also been able to fit the Competition Bot with a vision-tracking system so that our robot with be able to follow around the “power cells” on the ground. We’re on our way to getting a proper climber arm mounted onto our robot, which will be a big advantage in competition. The Business team has been working hard at getting our Spirit gear for students and fans of RoboRiot. We’re anxious for competition, and tensions are rising.

As competition nears, the meteor shower edges closer to First City. We can only hope that we’ll be able to recharge the shields in time.

See you all next week. Wish us luck.

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