The Mohawk Minute Issue #2

*Infinite Recharge* – Powered by “Star Wars: Force for Change”

Kickoff has come and gone. With the start of the season comes the need to strategize and plan. Our entire team has been working together, sharing ideas for designs and prototypes that can achieve the goals we need to for this year’s game. 

In *Infinite Recharge,* First City is in danger. The forcefield around the city has been compromised, just as a group of asteroids is about to collide with the city. It’s up to each First Robotics Alliance to “recharge” the city’s forcefield with power cells, reroute the power to the zone that will be in the asteroids’ path, and recalibrate the field’s sensors.

This week, we’ve put together an official strategy for Team 3418. Our robot will need to withstand jagged terrain, reload power cells, position the colored wheel, and be able to climb and hang at the end of the match. With the help of all the students and mentors, we’ve come up with the best methods to overcome these obstacles. We’ve also come up with designs that will let us achieve the goals that were set out for us.

As we continue to work this season, we’ll take on anything that comes our way. Our first priority is to work together and keep First City safe.