Deep Space Kick-Off 2019

2019 Kick-off allowed for RoboRiot to learn the manual, and brainstorm different strategies and design elements.

Everyone arrived at nine o’clock to watch the kick-off going on live in New Hampshire and even enjoyed some motivational speeches from alumni, congressman, and the FIRST Robotics president Steve Sanghi.

The students and mentors were provided a lunch at noon including Domino’s pizza, fruit, veggies, cheese & crackers, and sweets.

After lunch the students were seperated into a few different groups led by student team captains to discuss the rulebook and the most important things to factor into the production of our robot.

The groups did this several times and in between presented to the RoboRiot body as a whole to showcase our ideas and had collaborative constructive thoughts based on each groups’ train of thought, which led the team to have some plans in idea to the construction of the robot.

We are all very excited and are going to work hard for the future to come and see what wonderful RoboRiot team 3418 can bring to competition!