The Mohawk Minute Issue #7

T-Minus 3…

Only a few more days till the Sussex mini-regional. The team has been working nonstop on perfecting our robot for the competition so that our Programming team can get their hands on it. Our robot is nearly complete, with our chassis, shooter, intake, storage, and climber either complete or well on the way. Our team has achieved a lot in just a few short weeks, but we aren’t done yet.

CAD and Fabrication have been collaborating to make sure that our bot is put together well and works like it’s supposed to. Programming is itching to get their hands on the competition bot and have been working hard to help the drive team get some practice in on a simulator. Business has been working on Spirit and Scouting this week, making sure that we’ll be ready on and off the field. They’ve been designing and painting signs for us to hold and cheer on our drivers during Sussex and our later competitions. Colton Chamberlain, this year’s safety captain, has updated our safety manual to make sure that everyone is safe and responsible during Sussex.

As we near the mini-regional, we’re taking care of business.

See you Sunday, and wish us luck!

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