RoboRiot Team Update #3 (Sent Jan. 23rd, 2018)

Volume 3.

Hello RoboRiot students, parents, and mentors.

It’s that time again. Time for a new team update! Courtesy of the RoboRiot Business Team.

Starting off with the CAD team, they have finally completed the model of the Chassis and are ready to send it to Curt Joa, one of our sponsors. They have also started working on the prototypes for robot parts, like the climber, the shooter, and the intake.

Advancing to Programming, the programmers have been taking mini field trips to help out and assist other groups with minor errands. In addition, they have been working on scouting assignments, as well as analyzing this year’s game strategies. To top it off, they have also been experimenting with cameras.

Heading around to the Fabrication group, they have dedicated almost all of their time to prototyping the shooter and the intake.

We are still looking for families to sign up to provide Saturday lunches! If you want to help us out with a few dates, feel free to check out the meal spreadsheet here. From here, just click on “Saturday Lunch Signup Spreadsheet” and feel free to fill in a blank space!

The team is very focused on creating the parts to focus on our robot to win this year’s game. Be sure to check out our website in order to find out more information on the competition!

Thanks for reading!
The RoboRiot Business Team