RoboRiot Team Update #2 (Sent Jan. 18th, 2018)

It’s our second round!

Hello RoboRiot students, parents, and mentors.

We are pleased to bring you the second issue of our RoboRiot team update!

Over the course of our build season starting after the Kick-Off, we have been honing new techniques and skills to put into our robot’s design, as well as using our minds to collaborate as a whole and develop game strategies.

The Fabrication Group has lately been putting lots of work into the robot’s physical product. They have rebuilt the previous year’s Chassis robot to fit the 2018 size standards. Alongside that, they have also added an electrical board on the inside, and are also constructing battery mounts to hold the, well, batteries. The FAB team has also put in some elbow grease by cleaning and rebuilding the shifting gear boxes on the 2017 Chassis.

Heading up to the Programming Loft Space, special guests have attended the meeting today: former RoboRiot alumni! The Programmers have said that the alumni are helping them to analyze the game through strategy-building from the alumni’s past experiences, and looking at other RoboRiot groups’ previous exposures to the game.

Advancing onto the Computer Aided Design (CAD) Clan, they have been continuing on learning about the properties of sheet metal design. The CAD team has also worked on the 2017 Chassis’ design and the design of the intake, and helping to devise the elevator or lift for the robot to lift the power cubes (fancy wording for fabric-wrapped milk crates) in the game.

And down here at the old Business Shack, we’ve been taking care of getting the intel for you readers as well as keeping track of all the funds, donations, expenses, and more through Excel spreadsheets and various online applications through our Google Drive account to keep everything filed and organized.

That just about wraps up the second course of the RoboRiot 3418 team update! As you can tell by reading this lengthy letter, this year is a year we are taking very seriously. The best can’t rest until the best is beyond the best!

Thank you for reading! Make sure to check our website for updates on future affairs.
The RoboRiot Business Team