Mohawk Minute #2


Kickoff took place on January 8th, and went very well. Here are some bullet points on what we did. The live reveal of the game was viewed from 11:30-12:00ish.

After the live event, we split up into teams and reviewed critical parts of the game manual such as the arena layout, the robot configurations and the general point system. 

Each team had at least one person with a year or two of experience in robotics.

Each student was able to express his/her ideas in a small group setting, and were given feedback on those ideas.

Each team then presented what they thought were the most important parts from a given section of the manual. Each team then came up with ideas of how we wanted to gain points. 

An example would be how Jordan Vang, Ren Kissinger, Kyle Honkanen and I discussed potential ways to gain the most points in a limited amount of time. We decided it was best to de-emphasize the amount of points scored from getting balls into the designated area, and instead focus on hanging on the bars made available. 

We came up with some great Ideas, and we taped them on the hallway wall across from Mr. Hughes’s room. Feel free to check those out!

On Monday, we split up to our designated subteams:

CAD worked on designing a prototype for a climbing mech

Fabrication worked on their own prototype for ground ball pick-up and ball launcher

Programming worked on wheels and connecting the robot to the code

Kickoff was successful and we are very excited to see what the future holds for RoboRiot and our members.

Thank You,

RoboRiot Team 3418