RoboRiot Team Update #1 (Sent Dec. 9th, 2017)

Our First Newsletter to You!

Greetings to RoboRiot students, parents, mentors, our valued sponsors, and friends! This is the first edition of the RoboRiot 2017-2018 season newsletter, sent to you by the RoboRiot Student Business Group. This will keep you up to date on all things that are happening in and around the Innovation and Design Center at the Sheboygan Falls High School, our home!

As the RoboRiot 2017-2018 Pre-Season is reaching its halfway mark, many learning opportunities have blossomed in the East Wing of the Sheboygan Falls High School. All the separate sub-teams are performing, with progress being made through hands-on tutorials, giving the students full access to an expansion of their STEM curriculum.

Our Fabrication Team has been hard at work learning about mechanical technology. In the Fab station, students are learning an assortment of different tools and processes. Members are currently experiencing how to hand tap pieces of metal, how to operate and correctly use a miter saw, as well as how to use the milling machine. These skills will be used in the upcoming 80-20 derby, where pieces of metal will be made into cars to race.

Next up is our Programming department. The “triangle” robot is the main focus of the group right now and has been around for quite some time, but is remodeled and given a face lift each and every year. The Programming Team’s current task is to program the robot to do a Figure-8, and install a camera to detect shapes.

Our third main team is our Computer Aided Design team. The CAD team is currently working on a sheet metal design and using computer aided machinery (CAM for short). They use a special program called SolidProfessor, a computer program that teaches members how to use the SolidWorks Program. Additionally, they are learning material science to help with design choices.

A lunch and dinner schedule keeps the students happy and satisfied. The once-a-week Thursday evening dinner program, starting Dec. 7th, is presented by the Sheboygan Falls High School Culinary group. If you want to eat, it is requested to bring $3 per person. The Saturday afternoon lunch program will incorporate families of students who will create and share lunches. Everybody who signs up for it pays a flat fee of $20 for 12 meals, and the money is divided out for the parents for use to provide the meals. Each family is asked one weekend to provide the meals for the members. Please consider signing up to bring a meal for the team. Much appreciated!

For about halfway through this pre-season, it sure seems to be quite a busy time for the RoboRiot team. We hope you enjoyed the first issue of the RoboRiot Report, tell us anything that you want to hear or learn more about!

For any more information, visit for the meeting calendar as well as social media and other resources available to use.