Milwaukee Competition, Day 1

Today was Day 1 of the regional competition in Milwaukee. Day 1 consisted mainly of getting all of the robots inspected, the pits finalized and completing all the other necessary tasks to keep the competition on track. After lunch, we had practice matches for all the teams.

We competed in a few matches and our robot performed well. With it being practice day, our scores don’t count towards our qualifications results. Qualification matches begin tomorrow and run through early Saturday. After those matches are finished, we hopefully have finals.

If you’re looking for our team, look no further than the blue, fur mohawk hats. They are really awesome and make it easy to pick our team out of a crowd.

This is the first of the three posts I will be publishing over the next few days.

Also, this year I have been keeping our Instagram ( @roboriot3418 ) updated with new images. I also have been posting on our team Twitter and Facebook, as you may have seen.