The Mohawk Minute

In previous years, ‘RoboRiot Report’ was the name of the Newsletter that recorded what each team did. This year, we’re reinventing the newsletter… Mainly because we have a new author.

Introducing *The Mohawk Minute*! For years, people have recognized RoboRiot by the iconic hats with blue mohawks on top of them. Now our mohawks will be a symbol, not only of who we are but all of the hard work we put in each day. The Minute will feature a summary of what each sub-team has been up to each day that paper writing help we meet. This way, parents and other sub-teams can follow along with the work that has been done during the week.

To view past RoboRiot Reports, go to At the top of the home page, the word ‘Media’ will be located. Under ‘Media’ will be ‘Blog.’ When you click on ‘Blog,’ you will be taken to past entries.

Soon, the Mohawk Minute will also be located here. We hope you’ll take some time to see what we’re working on!