2017 RoboRiot Report 1


Welcome back everyone! We had our first team meeting on November 1st. What a night to start us off! We had a team building activity in which we split into 10 teams and built bridges. We could only use 2 plastic cups, 2 pieces of construction paper and 3 paper clips. Teams could either choose to build for greatest span or max payload.

We had a plethora of ideas and designs. Good job to everyone!
On October 13th, we participated in an open house and helped show off the new Innovation & Design Center at SFHS. We had a good showing and many robots out for display.

We have a shared iCloud album with full resolution photos and videos. If any mentors or students are taking pictures they’d like everyone to see, let us know and we can get you access to this gallery so you can post photos to your heart’s desire: https://www.icloud.com/sharedalbum/#B0V5Uzl7VsPfJ9g
Speaking of photos, your favorite robotics team now has an Instagram. Our username is: roboriot3418 . Follow us for unique views of our season.