2017 RoboRiot Report 3


We are now in week four of our build season, and we are trying a new system to distribute our news to everyone. One of our requirements was for it to be integrated on the website. By having everything in one place, you don’t have to look all around the web and neither do we. We have decided on using a blog format. It lets us quickly post updates and news, and anyone can print and share to their heart’s desire.

We have put a higher emphasis on team building this year than ever before. With new and creative activities and an upcoming mannequin challenge, our team members are able to interact with each more than before. This movement has been taken on by our mentors, Becky and Renee. A big thank you for heading that up for us, and for the awesome hats.

As always, we’d like to thank our sponsors for everything they do for us. It becomes quite apparent at this point in our build season that what we do is not possible without their generous support. Thank You!

And now for a PSA:

TEAM MEMBERS: Read the game manual!